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Release agents

Lecithin is a common ingredient in many release agents used in the bakery industry. The dosing systems must guarantee a uniform dispersion of these release agent on the conveyors and moulds, and this automatic and iterative process must be robust and efficient. This requires the selection of the right lecithin.

Not every lecithin is suitable for the production of a release agent. Only the appropriate lecithin can guarantee:

  • A stable release agent, with no separation of phases and homogeneous performance.

  • Absence of impurities, with the minimum posible hexane insolubles, that might affect the surface of the finished product.

Thanks to Lasenor’s experience in supplying manufacturers of release agents, our company has developed a specific process of mechanical refining. The resulting lecithins are ideal for application in release agents.

The range includes the following product families:

  • VEROLEC® NON GMO PREMIUM (Non GMO Soya lecithin)
  • GIRALEC® PREMIUM (Sunflower lecithin)
  • SEMILEC® PREMIUM (Rapeseed lecithin)
  • VEROLEC® PREMIUM (GM Soya lecithin)

Additionally, specific products under the brand VEROL® avoid phase separation.

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