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The trade-off between cost reduction and quality demands has led the meat industry to use new production techniques or innovative ingredients or additives, thus increasing both their own productivity and the shelf life of their products.

In this regard, emulsified meat products such as warm processed liver pâté or cold processed emulsified sausages (e.g. frankfurter or Lyoner type sausages) require specific emulsifiers to improve the texture, to increase the stability in the cutter, and to prevent separation of fat.

Especially focusing on the optimisation of cost structure and the use of innovative recipes in meat, emulsifiers guarantee an homogeneous quality and performance of the end products in an industrial environment.

Warm processed emulsions: Liver Pâté

In warm processed meat emulsions such as Liver Pâté, Lasenor proposes a specific sunflower-based emulsifier in the VEROL® range, that provides the following advantages compared to the traditional palm-based emulsifiers:

  1. Improved visual appearance.
  2. Reduction of fat separation.
  3. Good spreadability.
  4. Optimized firmness.

Cold processed emulsions: Lyoner or Frankfurter type sausages

For this application, the use of the CORIS® range emulsifiers is specially recommended. The advantages provided to the sausage include:

  1. Good appearance of the surface and the cut surface in terms of structure and color.
  2. Significant reduction of the gel separation.
  3. Good mouthfeel and sliceability.
  4. Quick achievement of the final firmness.

The emulsifiers in the CORIS® range include sunflower-based alternatives.

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