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Meat emulsions (both cold and warm) can be optimized with emulsifiers, which increases water absorption, stabilises the emulsion and increases spreadability.

Hot dogs, frankfurters, wieners, bolognas, mortadela, leberkäse,… are cold-processed specialities that consist on an emulsion of water and gellified fat. The use of the right emulsifiers guarantees the stability of this emulsion and the optimisation of the water absorption during the production process.

Lasenor proposes special emulsifiers, sold under the brands VEROL® and CORIS®.

For warm-processed products like liver spread with fat content below 40%, Lasenor recommends ready to use blends of emulsifiers that improve the spreadability and fine homogenisation of water-fat particles.

These solutions, sold under the brand VEROL MC®, avoid the fat separation while having no influence in the taste of the finished product.

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