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Bread and bakery products such as Sponge Cakes, Swiss Rolls or special breads (Sliced Bread, Burger Bread,…) manufactured from the raw materials or from a bakery mix, they all have common requirements: the production process must be simple and quick, and the final product must be spongy and tasty, with a nice aspect and homogeneous texture.

Lasenor’s emulsifiers provide the bakery goods with these advantages.

Industrial baking

Bread and bakery products are being produced, more and more, in large and automated factories, where specific process-related requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The dough must resist the big stress exerted by the machinery.

  • The dough must be as standardised as posible, in order to permit a continuous process.

  • The shelf-life must be as long as posible.

  • The products must have a minimum dispersion in terms of shape, color and taste.

Lasenor proposes specific solutions for these applications:

  • LECISOL® and LECIRED® are our brands for lecithins on carrier (in powder form).

  • GIRALEC® P (de-oiled sunflower lecithin in powder form).

  • VEROL® (distilled monoglycerides).

  • MOGLICET® (liquid Datems).

  • RELISER® (Release agents).

Bread improvers & Bread mixes

Bread improvers and Bread mixes include emulsifiers to optimize their performance. But simultaneously, customers are looking for friendlier labelling in order to satisfy the final customers’ demands.

This is where Lasenor’s lecithins on carrier, brands LECISOL® and LECIRED®and de-oiled sunflower lecithin GIRALEC® P, play an important role: as it happens with liquid lecithins, these products provide volume increase, homogeneous dispersion of the gas bubbles and dispersion of the starch granules, they facilitate the hydration of proteins and increase the workability of the dough, the rheological properties and the quality of the finished product.

But additionally, the use of lecithins in powder form:

  • Facilitates dosage.
  • Reduces the necessary mixing time to guarantee homogeneous dispersion.
  • Provides a smooth and extensible dough.
  • Provides a regular crumb structure.

Cake gels & hydrated emulsifiers

The use of Cake gels and hydrated emulsifiers allows the manufacturers of sponge cakes, Swiss rolls, pound cakes, etc. to:

  • Reduce the eggs content in the recipe, which reduces cost.

  • Mix all the ingredients simultaneously, in the so called ALL-IN PROCESS.

  • Reduce the mixing time.

  • Maximize and homogeneize the air incorporation and stabilize the batter, obtaining more spongy and bigger products.

  • Obtain products with a more stable crumb, and a finer and more uniform texture.

  • Improve the sensorial properties.

Lasenor offers different ingredients for the production of Cake Gels and Hydrated emulsifiers, sold under the brand name VEROL®

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