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24th March 2017

Lasenor launches Organic Soy Lecithin

Lasenor launches Organic Soy Lecithin

The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)2016/673 determined that “Lecithin derived from organic raw material is available on the market, but appropriate qualities of such lecithin are needed for most of the uses in the organic food processing industry. The appropriate qualities for the organic food production are currently not available in sufficient quantities. Taking account of the temporary lack of the different qualities of the organic lecithin needed for the organic production of food, it should be provided that during a transitional period of 3 years lecithin not derived from organic raw material may be used in the production of organic food“.

Commission implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/673

EU law on organic production: an overview

As a consequence, starting on the 1st of January 2019, exclusively Organic Lecithin can be used in Organic Products. In the United States, such requirement is already in place.

Following these requirements, Lasenor launched into the market a high quality Organic Soy Lecithin. This will allow our customers in the Organic market segment to use a High Quality Lecithin, while fully complying with the Regulations in place.

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