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Emulgrain Argentina

Lasenor actively works to be as close as possible to the raw material sources. That was the reason to create Emulgrain: a joint-venture between Lasenor and the crushing company Aceitera Vicentín, where Lasenor provides technical know-how and market knowledge in food applications, and Aceitera Vicentín provides raw materials (crude GM Soya lecithin and crude sunflower lecithin) and local support.

This factory is focused on the standardization, refining and hydrolysis of lecithin. Orders received from Lasenor’s Sales Team throughout the world are processed and shipped from this production site next to the Paraná river.

Emulgrain is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and the lecithins manufactured in this production site are Kosher certified.

ISO 9001 ISO 22000 Kosher   
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