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19th February 2019

Incorporation of Lasenor USA LLC

Incorporation of Lasenor USA LLC

We are glad to announce the incorporation of LASENOR USA LLC., a joint venture between Lasenor Emul, S.L. and Simmons Grain Co.

The aim of LASENOR USA LLC. is to produce in Salem, OH, United States, a full set of Organic Soya Lecithin products, suitable for different Food and Feed applications. LASENOR USA benefits from the following strengths:

  • Simmons Grain provides extensive availability of reliable organic soya lecithin.
  • Lasenor contributes with lecithin processing know-how and R&D capacity to develop a wide palette of products.
  • LASENOR USA will offer a complete range of Organic Soya Lecithins for different applications
    • Adapted to the customers’ needs and requirements.
    • With high reliability on the supply chain, through the combination of
      • The USDA Organic Certification and
      • A very close relationship with the Organic Soybean crusher (Simmons Grain).

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