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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Lasenor carries out a set of activities aimed to guarantee the protection of the society and the environment.

Social Responsibility

  • Lasenor is a member of SEDEX, that empowers Ethical Supply Chain by protecting labour rights, health & safety, environment and business ethics.

  • The gardening maintenance is outsourced to “FUPAR”, a non-profit organization that promotes the training and socio-labour inclusion of grown-up people with functional diversity, first and foremost intellectual and developmental disability, providing employment guidance and therapeutic, psycho-pedagogical and social support.

  • The company also collaborates with “MUA Solidaris”, also a non-profit organization that is raising funds to finance the research activities of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona to fight childhood cancer.

Environment protection

Lasenor is commited to the preservation of the environment. Accordingly, actions are taken to optimize our internal processes and reduce waste and energy as much as possible, minimizing direct and indirect emissions.

As a result of this work,

  • Ordinary waste in our Barcelona plant has been reduced by almost 90% during the last 4 years.

  • Barcelona, as well as all Mediterranean regions, confronts a dry and water-insecure climate. Summers are becoming hotter and dryer. Extreme measures were taken during the 2008 drought, when the city was forced to import water from France. Still today, the citizens and companies are encouraged to preserve water supply and a drought protocol is in place to maintain basic levels of water even in severe droughts. Lasenor’s action plan in Barcelona site led to a 25% decrease of water consumption in the last 2 years.

We are proud to implement improvements that have a positive impact on the community and we commit to keep on working to improve still further.

Lasenor is also member of the following organizations:

  • RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

RSPO- 2-0179-10-100-00

  • ProTerra: environmental sustainability and social responsibility on Soybean lecithin.

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